Forecast for Melbourne, issued 1st November, 5am.

Forecast for Melbourne, issued 1st November, 5am.

Thursday : Areas of rain at first, tending to scattered showers with local thunder.  Possible hail tomorrow afternoon and evening.

Moderate to occasionally fresh SW winds, easing later.

Rainfall 15 – 20 mm         Min 11  Max 18

Friday : Fine, mild to warm and becoming sunny. Light to moderate E/SE winds.

Min 12  Max 21

Saturday : Fine, mild to warm and partly cloudy, light to moderate E/NE winds.

Min 15  Max 23

Sunday : Warm and mostly fine. Showers and thunderstorms developing about the nearby hills. Light to moderate NE winds. Afternoon bayside seabreezes.

Min 17  Max 26

Monday : Warm and unsettled, humid with showers and thunderstorms later in the day . Light to Moderate NE winds, with afternoon bayside seabreezes. Rainfall 2 – 6mm

Min 17   Max 27

Tuesday : Warm and humid, showers and afternoon thunderstorms tending to rain overnight.  Moderate NE winds, shifting cooler SW in the afternoon.   Rainfall 2 – 6 mm      Min 18   Max  28

Wednesday : Rain and thunderstorms, with possible heavy falls, and cooler change, moderate to fresh SW winds developing.

Rainfall 20 – 30 mm      Min  17   Max 23

Thursday : Cool and cloudy with showers, easing later. Moderate to fresh W/SW winds.    Rainfall   2 – 5 mm

Min 12   Max 20

Notes on the Weather :

A lingering low pressure trough is meandering over much of the Northern and Central part of Australia. An upper level low has formed in the bight and is interacting with a low pressure trough that stretches across the country from Tasmania through Perth and into the Indian Ocean. Rain will become more widespread from the west overnight and on Thursday morning, scattered showers in the west of the state. there will also be local thunderstorms and hail in the afternoon and evening from Central areas through to Gippsland.

Cooler conditions will prevail following the passage of the front in Victoria on Friday, quickly clearing for fine conditions and into the early part of the weekend. Conditions will be warm and become increasingly humid before a very large system develops on the Tuesday of Cup Weekend, with rain and colder weather becoming established. Locally heavy rainfall is likely to develop on Tuesday and Wednesday for Victoria.


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