New outlook coming soon.

My new seasonal forecast and verification outlook will be available within the next week, before the weekend hopefully.

Just a few notes. There are some very strange goings on at the moment in the climatic world.

Shifting patterns, erratic sea surface temperatures, rapid changes in seasons, lots of earthquakes, volcanoes erupting.

And none of it means the end of the world is coming on Dec 21. Just thought i would clear that up.

It’s a classical neutral year, however its never the same as any other year and at the moment we are still in a peculiar holding pattern of cool ridging patterns, which is both annoying and no good for forecasters.

On the plus side, I think a massive monsoonal year is coming as I forecasted in July on my first seasonal forecast.

No doubt we will see plenty of summer rains across the country, which can all be seen on my next seasonal outlook this week.


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