Future Developments

Within the next 6 months or so, i am going to present a more professional website, which will be much more interactive and more informative.

Also, i have developed a quick App for Android, this is temporary and will be replaced when the new website is completed sometime in 2013.

I will also have a request form for people wanting specific forecasts. To begin with, this will be a free service.

Forecasts will range from hourly to seasonal, out to yearly.

I will keep everyone updated on further plans as they came to fruition.

Hope you all enjoy the forecasts.


2 comments on “Future Developments

  1. Sounds good AV! Maybe forecasts using the Vic regions (North East, Northern Country, etc) rather than individual towns, otherwise you’ll be there for ever? The seasonal and yearly outlooks would be interesting as well as testing of your skills. I’m looking forward to it. I always have a look at your Melbourne forecasts when we are heading off Melbourne way. I live in Mulwala/Yarrawonga area (Northern Country), but we seem to get a bit of Northern Country and a bit of North East weather because we are close to the border of the two regions.

    • The plan is to forecast for the whole country! Will start of with Victoria, then spread from there! Glad you like it..well I got the non El Niño right so that was a big tick…rain taking longer than I thought but it’s coming.

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